The Ethnography Studio brings together ethnographers from a broad array of disciplines and approaches–from arts to engineering, anthropology to education, computer science to sociology–who are experimenting with ways of understanding complex social phenomena, of small and large scales, while embracing the uncertainty and ambiguities that ethnographic research affords for creative thinking. Acknowledging the usefulness and limits of research design and well established data collection techniques, the Studio takes advantage of a broad array of methodologies and theoretical approaches and values diversity and contradiction rather than cohesiveness and convergence. Members of the studio work through their project ideas, research design, and writing in a space where peer support and learning is imagined as asking each other hard questions from a collaborative and collegial standpoint.

Visit People to learn more about the community behind our studio. Visit Happenings to explore an archive of our past events. Visit Rice Anthropology to find out about our supporting department.

NEW: Visit Ethnography Studio Fellows to learn about resources for undergraduate students who are carrying out qualitative or ethnographic research while at Rice.

Ethnographic Salon 2021 is just around the corner! Its theme is Refusing Poetic Restraint and it will happen on May 14th, entirely over Zoom. For more info, see the call for participants here.

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