Being the Rogue Ethnographic Goat


The Ethnography Studio presents:

Being the Rogue Ethnographic Goat: a workshop with Dr. Paige West

9:30-1:30 pm
October 19, 2018
Sewall Hall 570, Rice University

Event with the support of the Anthropology Department and CENHS.

On a warm August night, neighbors say, Fred let fellow goats and sheep out of the livestock auction house in New Jersey. Fred had escaped about a year before and sporadically returned to the area reminding humans of his felicitous achievement. This time, however, he engaged in an act of resistance and solidarity. Nobody saw him, but most people agree that he bolted the gate to let his acquaintances to freedom. Of the 60 individuals he helped, 10-20 continue in the “loose” according to the police. What can we learn from Fred about what it means to do ethnography today? What kinds of non-idealized solidarities can we forge, and how do they translate into the craft of ethnographic analysis? How can Fred take us beyond salvation narratives? How does this change our methods and concepts?

We will explore these questions with Dr. Paige West at the next Ethnography Studio workshop on October 19th (9.30-1.30 pm, Sewal 570). The first part of the workshop will focus on Dr. West’s collaboration with John Aini on “Decolonizing Conservation.” The second part will return to Fred and we’ll explore how might being more Fred-like look in one’s ethnographic practice.

Students interested in participating should submit by October 10th  a three-paragraph document including: one paragraph description of their research project and the stage it is at; a second paragraph that describes what kinds of Fred-like relations or goals they imagine as integral to their academic experience and research; and a third paragraph that describes what concrete forms do those ideas take—what everyday practices or experimental set ups might help enact that vision. Please send your materials and RSVP to

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