Soundscapes 2019

Click here to read the post-event commentary!

Below are the soundscapes for our Ethnographic Salon. Press play to listen!

Group 1:

  1.  Amy Kuritzky, Waste buried in a river bank
  2.  Gebby Keny, Sunday in the Park (Acts 1 and 2)
  3.  Kristin Gupta, Fate Knocks
  4. Tim Grieve-Carlson, Night Recording from Bragg Road
  5.  Yesmar Oyarzun, ALERT!

Group 2:

  1.  Megan Gette, Distorted Ordinary
  2.  EJ Jetmore, Listening With
  3.  Lupe Flores, Sonic Border/lands
  4.  Konstantin Georgiev, The Aesthetics of Disruption
  5.  Tim Quinn, An Infected TED Talk

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