Intervention as Collaboration 2016


On April 15, 2016, the Ethnography Studio held the workshop Intervention as Collaboration, with Dr. Brit Ross Winthereik. Taking place at the James Turrell Skyscape on Rice University’s campus, we discussed the relation between ethnographic inquiry, collaboration, and “intervention” as tools to affect the world and as analytical maneuvers. Interventions can be designed to contribute to a certain political or technical process already unfolding in the field, or they can be tactical bundles designed to facilitate conversations with our interlocutors. During the workshop we imagined forms of intervention that foster collaboration, including learning about the “Digital Walking Stick”  (, an example of an intervention that Dr. Winthereik has led as part of her research. As Dr. Winthereik puts it, “relations between researcher and subjects and objects of research are always unstable and will have to be negotiated in the field. Design, art and other kinds of experimentation can be great ways of exploring those relations.”

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