The Ethnography Studio Presents:
Refusing Poetic Restraint
The 2021 Ethnographic Salon

Rice’s Ethnography Studio is pleased to announce the call for participants for the 2021 Ethnographic Salon to be held on May 14th. Continuing our tradition, the Ethnographic Salon is a celebration of the value and potential of ethnography as an intellectual and collaborative practice. All graduate students and postdocs are invited to participate.

The 2021 Salon will be an interdisciplinary and multimodal exploration of the possibilities of Refusing Poetic Restraint. We will explore questions of poetics in ethnography beyond the limits of form. How might we encounter poetry and how might we observe and engage with poetics in/of the field? What work does poetics do in our intellectual projects? What worlds and stories do poetics allow us to build and tell? What is the relationship between poetics, politics, and theory? And finally, what obstacles seek to restrain various forms of poetics? How might they be overcome in our ethnographic engagements, scholarly practices, and political engagements? To explore these questions, the Salon will be hosting:

Dr. Maura Finkelstein, Muhlenberg College
Dr. Duana Fullwiley, Stanford University
Dr. Angela Garcia, Stanford University
Dr. Nomi Stone, University of Texas, Dallas

The Ethnographic Salon consists of a morning student workshop with the Salon’s keynote speakers (11:30am to 1:30pm CST, application required) and a public round table at 3pm CST. This year’s Salon will be held online via Zoom and supplemented by a digital exhibition of participants’ work hosted on the Ethnography Studio website.

How to apply: Participation in the workshop is open to Rice grad students from any department. Please submit a brief paragraph (100 words or less) describing your research project and a preliminary description of how you might explore the theme of the Salon. Please include name, department affiliation, and year in your program. Participants will bring to the workshop a short piece exploring the idea of Refusing Poetic Restraint in their own research practice. This work can be in a medium of your choice (e.g. audio/visual, physical, textual…). The purpose of the submission will be to express an argument, moment of inquiry, or to experiment with evidence through an expressive mode of your choosing. Student contributions will be engaged during the workshop with our guests and will be featured in the public digital exhibition that will accompany the afternoon roundtable.

Deadline: March 22nd, please send your materials to

For more information on the Ethnography Studio, see

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