Call for Participants: CONVERSIONS

The Ethnography Studio presents CONVERSIONS

We invite you to join the Ethnography Studio for its next workshop: CONVERSIONS, an exercise in thinking through an analytic of transferal and transformation. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we will explore how materials were and are converted into other things, and at what kinds of thresholds such conversions take place. When does water become a flood? When do furniture and personal items become debris? The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to investigate topics and materials of interest to them through the theme of conversion in/of Harvey. Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to join.

This event will take place over two dates: October 5th and October 13th. For the first session on October 5th from 6-8pm, we will discuss locations and topics of interest (dinner will be provided). In between the two meetings participants will navigate a Houston location by attending to an object, material, or location of conversion that relates to Harvey. Participants will document their experiences by gathering notes, pictures, and artifacts. Finally, participants will convene for the second session on October 13th from 3:30-6pm to collectively discuss, analyze, and map out their work (dinner will again be provided).

The workshop will encourage participants to push their sense of perception beyond what is familiar and to attend to the way in which perception can be analysis. Building on the exploration of conversion as analytic, the workshop will take up the issue of how we document what we perceive. We expect this workshop to be of use to anyone currently engaged in scholarly research, especially research that demands an ethnographic perspective.

To participate, please RSVP to by Sunday, October 1st so that we can have enough food and materials for all.


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