Konstantin Georgiev

Konstantin is a third-year PhD student at the Department of Anthropology whose work investigates the social life of truth at the intersection of politics and science. Drawing on both historical and contemporary data from Soviet and post-Soviet environmental research, he traces the processes through which competing truths emerged from the same scientific data and apparata.

As an undergrad Konstantin majored in Anthropology at New Bulgarian University with a final thesis focused on the everyday politics of a group of political activists after their disenchantment with a former social center they had founded. He also did a minor in TV and Film and worked on documentaries and various creative projects of AGITPROP, an independent Bulgarian production company. He was also tech assistant and assistant co-ordinator at the Balkan Documentary Center’s Discoveries Workshop.

Before deciding to come back to academia, Konstantin spent a couple of years in the documentary film industry. His credits include researcher, assistant producer and production assistant for various TV and feature-length documentaries. He was also fact checker and writer for the two seasons of the first Bulgarian TV series, produced for National Geographic.